Our Values

From selecting the wood to accompanying the winemaker, Radoux has been perpetuating the French tradition of barrel making since 1947.

Meilleurs ouvriers de France

The place of the worker, his skills and savoir faire are essential and irreplaceable. Radoux employs many skilled coopers including several Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. They pass on their skills and supervise each stage of production and the permanent improvement of our process.

Preparing the heads
Positioning the chestnut hoops
Radoux combines the savoir faire of the craftsman which is exclusively manual, (visual control of the staves, positioning of heads, toast..) with high quality technology, thus guaranteeing the perfect quality, homogeneity, and regularity of its barrels.
Radoux’s strength is to have been able, during its research, to integrate technology wherever its precision has presented an improvement over the manual skill of the best of its coopers.