cité des civilisations du vin

patron of the Cité des Civilisations du Vin

Through the TFF Group, world leader in the processing of wood for the aging of wines and spirits, Radoux is proud to support this emblematic and innovative project represented by the Cité des civilisations du vin. This international project, of cultural, touristic and economic importance, will reinforce the position of Bordeaux and its region as world wine capital. For our company and its thousand year old profession, the opportunity to participate in passing down the heritage of the civilization of wine, its protection and its reputation is a mission which is perfectly in tune with our philosophy. As we have passed down our ancestral know-how in our sites over the five continents, it is with great enthusiasm that we encourage this fine project which will embody the values of hospitality, exchange, sensations, emotions and dreams evoked by wine and which are at the heart of the TFF Group.

logo Riedel

distributor of Riedel

Tonnellerie Radoux is the exclusive distributor of the Austrian crystal company (world leader for wine tasting glasses) to French wine and spirit producers. Both companies, thanks to their traditional savoir faire, have succeeded in developing very high quality products which enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the wine making industry. By entering into an association with the world leader of wine tasting glasses, Radoux shows how keen it is to be involved in the distribution of products which help enhance and promote wines and spirits.