A unique process : OAKSCAN®

A unique process for instantaneous measurement of the content of polyphenols in wood : Oakscan®.

The need to innovate

Tannins have a crucial impact on the organoleptic properties of the wines or spirits that they enrich. To have a better understanding of wood, until now, only chemical measurements in laboratory conditions could enable us to measure ellagitannins. These measurements could only be made by taking random samples from batches of rough staves, a time consuming process.

Tonnellerie Radoux, with the researchers of INRA and CEMAGREF, has developed a unique process of instantaneous measurement of the content of polyphenols in the wood : Oakscan®.

Thanks to Oakscan®, it is now possible to determine the tannic potential of each barrel depending on the customers’ requirements, the demands of a grape variety or the characteristics of a vintage.

The process

Each piece of trimmed wood passes in front of a light ray (near infra-red) which analyzes the tannin content of each stave. It sends back an index which helps set a classification for the following selection. A barcode is then printed on each stave together with a letter which corresponds to its classification of tannin content.

Oakscan® awarded the Trophée d’Or at Vinitech.

With Oakscan®, Radoux is building up the largest database on the chemical composition of oak.